• The Secret Books
    The Secret Books
    by Jorge Luis Borges, Sean Kernan
  • Among Trees
    Among Trees
Teaching and Lecturing

The blog looks at photography, at the creative process in general,  and at new projects, fragments and works in progress, and, often enough, things that have nothing to do with photography at all. It is a more detailed extension of the main website,

Investigating the creative process and various ways of getting at it have become a large part of what I do, and there is a Teaching page that talks about this, along with an updated schedule of workshops.
There is also a page with links to various Articles.

I have set up pages on several projects  that give more extensive looks at some things I have been working on.

And from time to time I will post Journal entries when there is something worthwhile...though I promise never to post for the sake of posting.

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