• The Secret Books
    The Secret Books
    by Jorge Luis Borges, Sean Kernan
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    Among Trees
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New books available...and old ones.

Books have always been my ideal way to present photographic projects. As I return again and again to the same idea, that idea keeps changing, evolving into a sequence that is deeper and more subtle each time I go back at it. A book that is well sequenced literally finds power in the intervals between the pictures. Each image is modified by the ones around it--sometimes contradicted.

I’ve done several sequences as books,The Secret Books, Among Trees, and Ritratti Romani among them. And there are several other bodies of work that are just now ripening.

And although books are expensive (and publishers are cheap), especially in the current economy, there have been recent developments in print-on-demand books, and I have been working with the people at Blurb, perhaps the largest printer of this kind to test their process. After some back and forth I came to feel we could get a proper book from this process.

So I spoke with my friend Tim Whelan at Tim Whelan Photographic Books in Rockport, Maine. Tim cares deeply about photography and photographic books, and he makes sure that he has every book there is, in print or out. To my question about whether these one-off books were “there” yet his reply was, “Absolutely!” And if he says so, it is so.

The first project I've done is called Kampala Boxing Club, and I finished photography on it earlier this year. It is the result of days and days spent in small a boxing club in Uganda, and it records my own excursion far outside of out of my world. It demands to be presented in this extended arrangement of 90 photographs and my text about the experience.

You can see some pages from the book and order a copy here.

I have a few other projects coming along right behind the boxing book. They are:

From Prison, a series of photographs made over 5 weeks in several maximum security prisons. This is work that really changed me as a photographer and a person when I did it. Here is a preview of the cover, and I will announce its availability shortly.

Coming behind the prison work is Pura Cara, a series of portraits made on a search for the “pure Mexican face.” The project was inspired by the Mexican painter Hermenegildo Bustos, and was made in the course of three trips to Mexico.

In adition to these new books, we also have some conventionally published ones available, one of which has never been available before:


The Secret Books, with text by Jorge luis Borges. You can see images at the website we did for this project. This book is nearly sold out, and copies go on Amazon for up to $370. But I have a few boxes left, and I sell them for $65 plus $6.50 postage. Through Paypal, or send a check.

Among Trees (website), with an introduction by Anthony Doerr, is available from Amazon.

Ritratti Romani is a series of light-hearted portraits made of ordinary Romans made in a kind of guerilla action in the streets of Rome. It was published by Monadnock Paper as a 38 page book with 29 photos. We have some of them left, and their cost is $22 plus $6.50 postage. Again, Paypal or a check.