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The Subject is Love: texting from Africa

Sheilah Gashumba Carol naye uew and lav

Khauka Emmanuel T lav?jst nid e ril tru luv....

Sheilah Gashumba Carol bambii ama pray uew get it

Sheilah Gashumba Carol kale..

Khauka Emmanuel Haa....ha lav z t meks evri ting ril.its jst lyk e rain drop flowin down d prity grin grass

Sheilah Gashumba Carol tunafa...oliiiiwaa luvly smile dt i c up d sky.wea r u 2?

Sheilah Gashumba Carol who ah thoz words home

Khauka Emmanuel Jst c-in d prity swit angel face nxt 2 d bright'st star in d sky...n no wat?ma hrt z flyin out ov mi. am also home

deserves all thez words

Khauka Emmanuel D 1 i desire 2 c evri single de n nyt...d 1 dt meks mi smile wen i cry..n dts...Guess

Sheilah Gashumba Carol whooo

Khauka Emmanuel Jst kloz ur eyes n u wil gt 2 no who z dt gal....try 2 guess. ha nem strts wit G

Sande Swico M Kizito lol lo

Khauka Emmanuel Haa....ha...

Sande Swico M Kizito lol lol

Khauka Emmanuel Dts prity cul....Haa...ha

Sande Swico M Kizito Ya man lo lo

Khauka Emmanuel Tru dt@swico.nwe gud mrnin

Sande Swico M Kizito let me chk out

Khauka Emmanuel kale sebo....ande

Swico M Kizito Ya man

Khauka Emmanuel Alrite

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dammn shi

June 6, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterklein ukashar

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