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LINE: a lost play by Samuel Beckett

This purported lost work was found scribbled on the back of a napkin by a waiter at the Cafe Deux Magots who was clearing a table where Samuel Beckett had just had a drink.


Bare room, gray walls.

Downstage, a table. Upstage a door, chair next to it against the wall. On one side of the door a light switch, a picture of a grey landscape, slightly askew. On the other side a coat rack.

The door opens and Man enters, wearing a battered hat, long scarf, and an overcoat several sized too big. He closes the door then looks around the room, reaches for the light switch and throws it. Nothing happens.

He sees the table, walks down and looks all round it. Then he notices the chair by the door. He goes and gets it and drags it to the table.

Then he crosses upstage to the coat rack, removes his hat and coat, unwinds his scarf, and hangs them all  on the hook. Then he comes downstage to the table and sits.

He is still, then begins to look around. He looks up for a long time, then around again with an increasingly anxious look on his face.

Suddenly he looks into his lap, then off into the wings stage right and speaks.

Man: Line?

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