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Here's something to try that would seem quite radical if It weren't so simple.

First, find an environment that is big enough to let you move around in it. Then find an object or feature on which to fix your gaze. Do that for a few moments, then pull your focus back so that it falls half way between you and the object. Stay with that long enough to get steady with that.

Now, without moving the center of your gaze from the object, shift your awareness out as far to the right as you can. Don't try to look at things, just notice  them…shapes, light, energies.

You will probably find yourself wanting to move your eyes and look at things in your normal way, which functions kine of like one of those park attendants picking up paper with a nail on the end of a stick. Don't do that. Just stay in a kind of soft-focus awareness.

Alright, now let that view go and shift your awareness to your left, holding your gaze on the same central object and still pulled half way back. Again, notice the shapes and energies in the left field.

After a minute or so of this, let your awareness go out to both left and right. Notice where the two sides differ, if they do.

Now slowly begin to move through the space while keeping your focus on the center and your awareness on the peripheries. The shapes and energies will start to shift in relation to each other and to you. And once you get close to whatever object you've been using as an anchor, turn and find something that is more distant and start to move toward it, awareness still on the peripheries that you now see. Watch the flow of things changing as you move.

Now for the most important part. Notice your own cognitive state. You will tend to find that you are not thinking  the way you usually do about what you see. You'll just notice things without commenting to yourself about them or following them with your thoughts. It is a kind of unanchored state of awareness.

You'll likely find this is hard to maintain. There is a strong pull back toward your normal way of seeing/commenting.

So just and just go back to your usual way. And notice the difference.

Then, after a while, try the exercise again, perhaps in a different place. And just be aware of how your mind works when you do this.

In fact, I think we all do this, and it provides a kind of undertone of wider awareness to our  consciousness. It is seeing.

Perhaps this is what Paul Valery meant when he said "Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees."

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