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Looking into the Light is available at the iBookstore now

See the book here, at the iBookstore now.

Creativity is not something we do so much as something we are.

This radical workshop-in-a-book takes photographers right back to their experience of creativity when they were stunned by a photograph they took. This unusual approach to creativity and photography comes from more than 30 years of work and innovation by the author, well-known photographer and pioneering teacher Sean Kernan. It presents a way of working that moves far past technique to focus on seeing and presence, to working with what happens up to the click.

The book lays out a program of exercises that take readers to a direct experience of their own creativity. They reawaken the kinds of awareness that children use to discover themselves and the world. They lead to deeper seeing ... and to photographs that are awake and alive. The practice that the book lays out is for photographers of every level, and it has been particularly useful to professionals, reminding them why they went into photography in the first place.

The exercises come from many areas besides photography—music, theater, writing. They require no prior experience. Anyone can use them to understand and invigorate their inborn creativity, and to make better photos, or just to be more present in the events of their own lives. The book is illustrated with works by the author, a number of students, and a disparate group that includes John Paul Caponigro, Greg Heisler, Paul Cezanne, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sol LeWitt, William Kentridge, Dennis Darling, Cig Harvey, and Edgar Degas.

There is a companion site at, where you can read chapters, see videos, look at several of the exercises, and upload your own photographic responses to them.

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