• The Secret Books
    The Secret Books
    by Jorge Luis Borges, Sean Kernan
  • Among Trees
    Among Trees
Teaching and Lecturing

Video of a music class that has everything to do with photography

In classes and talks I invoke William Westney, particularly his Unmaster Class. In this class he works with talented music students to recover the vitality that can be obscured by training.

After visiting Bill's class I asked him to come to my photography class and work with us in the same way that he works with music students. The results are vibrating still.

Bill has posted a video of one of his exercises on his site, and it is quite amazing. He has the students play a piece. Then he has them set aside their instruments and simply speak_not sing but speak_the music. With no instruments they let go of the need to play the score perfectly, and they get to exagerate what the music is saying by acting it out.

Then they take up the instruments again, and when they play you can see that the piece is now a conversation between musicians, and not people playing parallel to one another.

The piece is at Go to the  Warmup; “air” string quartet (Mendelssohn) video (bottom of the page) and play it.


Never did I think I'd photograph another book

My project, The Secret Books, was a landmark, a big shift for me. And I haven't thought to work with books again. Nevertheless, this image popped into my mind. And I think there is another forming right behind it. We'll see.


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