• The Secret Books
    The Secret Books
    by Jorge Luis Borges, Sean Kernan
  • Among Trees
    Among Trees
Teaching and Lecturing

I always thought I might be a writer, until my digressions into theater and then photography.  But some years ago I began to write again, as a means of clarifying some of my mutterings to myself. That has led to a series of articles about creativity, about other artists, to graduation addresses, to a bit of memoir, even going as far as a not-quite-done novel.

Here are several pieces, including pieces by others, about various undertakings.

Advice in a Meltdown offers a radical suggestion to photographers in hard times: work your way backwards.

Buddhist Economics for fun, and because I couldn't stop myself. 2009

Master Class for Masters ran in Comminication Arts in January 2009. It is a record of what is probably the most amazing workshops I've ever facilitated ("taught" is the wrong word).

The Artist, Lost and Found  The piece that got me writing again, for Communication Arts, 1996

My (Short) Life in Theater
I didn’t want to be an actor, I wanted to learn things. From the January 2006 issue of             Communication Arts.

A Workshop Experience, in the First Person – by Susan Fisher 
A first-person account of a photography workshop. 

Stay Awake
A graduation adddress to Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, 2005

Surviving Critics
How to take it. From Communication Arts.

Profile of SK
From Communication Arts, 2001

Pure Face
An article about portraits, from PhotoInsider

Works and Days: A Profile of the artist Alan Magee
From Graphis 

Kissing My Cousin
A bit of memoir, from the magazine Riverteeth 

Parsing the Good   

What makes good work good. From Communication Arts, 2000

from 21ST, Vol 2, By John Bennette 

with John Paul Caponigro, View Camera, 1999

Two Scripts 
Working with clients, Communication Arts, 1997